The Tribe of the Hermit

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The Tribe of the Hermit

Post by Aux on Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:13 pm

I am the Hermit. I watch over those of this island, be it the humans who where brought here or the dinosaurs whom I have come to love and depend on. I was the first human to arrive on this island and I am sure to be here after civilization comes to an end again. I am a peaceful sort of person who only resorts to violence when it is the last resort. My followers, though they are few, can almost be called fanatics to the law we have in place. Love all and live as an observer, that is the law we live by. We may not be the biggest or the strongest tribe on this island but we are the most clever. If you happen to find supplies on your path or a fire with no one around, just thank The Hermit.

"The Hermit protect you."
Motto and Law


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